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What you should know about us

Mr Pascal Andouard is the founder and Director of MAJOR INTERNATIONAL PROTECT. He has a solid and impeccable background within the services of the French Interior Ministry holding a prior long service record in the French National Gendarmerie. Mr Andouard commanded special criminal investigation operations and intervention units in France and abroad over 20 years period.

Now he applies his extensive professional experience and his training on his security agents. His stringent and high professional methodology ensures a service of the highest level .

MAJOR INTERNATIONAL PROTECT proposes much more than an individual personalized service to their clients and is entirely realist as concerns personal security and the security of properties. It takes care too , to the organizational and implementation of services with a highest level specifically tailored to meet and continuously satisfy individual client requirement.
This company sets itself apart in its field, priding itself on establishment a relation of truth based on the core values of loyalty and dedication.

Audit / Consultancy

Establish an effective audit for the total security of your environnemment.

Major International Protect brings you tailor-made solutions:

  • Analysis of your environment
  • Risks analysis and assistance
  • Solutions and type of safety system adapted according to needs and customer choices.

Surveillance / Caretaking

Ensuring the protection of your property.

Major International Protect offers a suitable solution for the safety of your site.

  • Appraisal of existing security system
  • Analysis of the necessary safety means
  • Proposing new efficient and modern technology (IT tools, management software, communication equipment and air monitoring devices: “drones”)
  • Implementation of documents, as control registers and technical equipment (patrol, radios, telephones…)
  • Application of specific security rules adapted to each site
  • Training of our agents by professional firefighters with first aid and fire drills
  • The management of MIP ensures regular checks on its agents and constant supervision in order to guarantee the best protection possible


Protect your trips and your family.

Major International Protect sets up a team of selected and trained agents to secure your professional displacements and protect all your family members.

  • Selection of qualified teams of bodyguards (MAJOR INTERNATIONAL BODYGUARD)
  • Selection of agents for their technicals, reactivity, courtesy and diplomatic skills.
  • Selection of different languages speaking agents: English, Russian, Italian, Spanish...
  • Choice of female or male bodyguards


Ensuring the protection of your private event.

Major International Protect performs all necessary administrative demarches to local authorities and the states to guarantie the success of your private event.

  • Setting up teams with managers and staff for reception of guests
  • Filtering and control movments guests
  • Control secure access to the event
  • Prevention of fire and rescue means

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